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Although we are equipped to produce a film of any genre or length, we have a tested formula for films that can be utilized both online and offline. The package includes a 2.5 to 4.5 minute "heroic" profile film. This personal documentary can connect your personal life and mission to your platform and motivation to serve.  This format has been successfully utilized online to generate attention for campaigns and candidates, as well as inspire donations. Footage from the film can be re-purposed into additional targeted videos on one issue, or on one talking point.


Many candidates are communicating directly to an online audience through either live feeds or video diaries. Harry can help a candidate with their presentation and messaging to bring out their most authentic self. We provide remote editing services, consolidating the hours and hours of a candidate's feeds into compelling short form videos for targeted digital marketing. Harry will also consult with campaigns on how to set up and manage an in-house, volunteer video strike force team.


For candidates that are digitally illiterate, Harry will coach you remotely to make your own personal Youtube style, selfie videos.  This economical way to utilize Harry's services is a great format to showcase your authenticity, and tell your story in a visual language that voters and donors of all ages relate to.


Harry can create films of any length to best tell the story of the real people most affected by an issue. It takes a lot of heart and persuasion to get voters inspired about a ballot initiative or willing to give to a cause for the first time. Harry's unique ability to capture the most personal parts of real people’s lives on film, will allow viewers to walk in the shoes of those most affected by an issue or a cause. By reaching viewers emotional core, our films can inspire them to vote, give, or get involved.

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