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Frontline COVID healthcare workers have spent a year doing their best to save lives, but facing so much suffering and death has taken a toll on their physical and psychological well-being. At the height of the crisis, the New Mexico Healthcare Workers Union (Local 1199) asked us to tell the stories of their members and the human toll that COVID has had on them. It is clear that working the frontlines will affect them long past the time the virus has subsided. 


"The Drive Home" is a PSA campaign that includes 12 videos of different lengths and 4 radio ads.  The videos have gone viral across the country, and AFSCME, the national union, is utilizing the videos to lobby Congress. These poignant stories of nurses on the front lines against COVID are inspiring viewers to do the right thing: wear masks, social distance, and get vaccinated. 

Read the initial press coverage by clicking here:

See what the national union said by clicking here:

And watch the PSAs by clicking here:



Harry was recently asked to contribute an article to the digital Campaigns and Elections trade magazine, one of the premier sites for political news, communication, and trade secrets. In the article, "The Democratization of Video Production for Political Campaigns," published on February 28, 2020, Harry elaborated on his philosophy that any campaign, no mater their budget, can utilize inexpensive technology to create their own videos that effectively communicate to voters, and inspire donors.

Harry Wins Reed.jpg

The Reed Awards

At the 2020 Reed Awards, Harry took home the award for "Best Long-Form Video" for the recent "I Switched" video made for the Arizona Democrats. The full video can be found in the "Productions" page.

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