Winner of 2020 Reed Award for "Best Long-Form Video"

There is a movement in Arizona of Independents and Centrist Republicans switching parties and becoming Democrats. The Arizona Democratic Party asked us to tell their stories and spread the news. This movement paved the way for victory in turning the state blue in a critical blow to ex-President Trump's unsuccessful re-election campaign in the tumultuous 2020 election.

Healthcare Workers' Union

COVID Prevention Campaign

"A Drive With Nick"

The Healthcare Workers Union (Local 1199) asked us to tell the plight of nurses working on the front lines of the Covid pandemic. They are physically and emotionally exhausted, but they are rising to the challenge and urging the public to do the right thing: wear your mask, get vaccinated. Here is Santa Fe nurse Nick on his way home after a 12-hour shift.

Healthcare Workers' Union

COVID Prevention Campaign

"A Drive With Martha"

In another video produced to highlight the extreme conditions experienced by healthcare workers, nurse Martha described the extraordinary effort she and other healthcare workers like have had to put in daily for nearly a year.


"Working Together"

Arkansas congressional candidate William Hanson saw similarities between the movement  he participated in during the Civil Rights era, and in the present day. He asked us to make this video for his campaign, highlighting the parallels, and showing how the struggle for racial justice continues.



This is one of the seven videos we created for the successful Joseph Maestas campaign for the Public Regulation Commission of New Mexico, Spring 2020. We shot this with a crew of Harry + 1, all while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Harry is the consummate professional. His creativity shines through in the very effective videos and spots he produced for my campaign."

-Endorsement from newly elected PRC Joseph Maestas.



Janet Garrett, from Ohio's fourth district, ran against Faith & Freedom Coalition co-founder, Jim Jordan.  While Jordan was on cable news every night playing defense for President Trump, his constituents were shell shocked by the opioid crisis. Janet Garrett committed to making the opioid epidemic her number one priority, so we made this film with her.



Jess Phoenix is a geologist who ran for congress in California's twenty-fifth district against Steve Knight, the last Republican congressman left in Los Angeles county. With devastating wildfires consuming her district at the time of the election, Jess Phoenix wanted to highlight her approach to climate change in this film we made with her.



The diversity of ideas, as well as the diversity of people, is featured in this film celebrating the big tent that the Arizona Democratic Party represented for 2020, one of the states that flipped blue and ensured Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.